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Life Insurance

Life Insurance...should life insurance be part of your overall plan? What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance transfers financial risk to an insurance company while protecting your family from the financial consequences of life. Life Insurance can provide for income for a surviving spouse or pay off debt, such as a mortgage. It can also be used to pay off final expenses or provide a legacy for loved ones such as children or grandchildren.

There are several types of Insurance from Term to Permanent Insurance, which include Variable, Universal, and Whole Life Insurance. Our team of dedicated individuals can determine the type and amount of insurance that is needed to protect your family and loved ones.

  • Long Term Care and Disability Insurance are also available to further protect your assets and family.
  • Long Term Care Insurance protects your loved ones from financial, physical and emotional stress if long term care is needed.
  • Disability insurance provides monthly income should you become disabled due to an illness or injury.

Please contact us to arrange for a complimentary review of your current life insurance coverage to ensure you have adequate coverage to protect your loved ones. If you have Group Term Insurance through your employer, this also needs to be reviewed for coverage and portability in the event you lose your job.